The Industrial Campus of Ferrol recovers the RED NOSÉ AWARD to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the University School of Industrial Design.

Ferrol, May 7th, 2024. Coinciding with its 25th anniversary, the University School of Industrial Design (EUDI) of the Industrial Campus of Ferrol of the University of A Coruña recovers the RED NOSÉ AWARD, a prize that vindicates intellectual property with a great sense of humour, distributing a trophy among the awarded students that includes a red-coloured fishnet nose, as well as the corresponding accreditation diploma and a few more surprises. As they explain from the direction of the centre, the final objective of this initiative is none other than to make their students aware of the consequences of participating in competitions, to which they must dedicate much of their time, compared to the programmes offered by agreements between the University of A Coruña and the Galician and Spanish business community.

The name of the event, RED NOSÉ AWARD, comes from the typical answer that many school students give when they attend classes or have to look for and justify their choice of topic for their final degree project: “No sé”, in Spanish. Continuing with the play on words, “nose”, in English, is nose, the distinctive element of these awards or recognitions to which all the students of the Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development are eligible, both individually and collectively.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 8th of May, at 12:00 noon, the Aula de Audiovisuais will host the RED NOSÉ AWARD ceremony, an event in which a total of 15 students and/or former students of the Escola Universitaria de Deseño Industrial (EUDI) will receive the prized trophy: a red nose sculpted into a white figure designed and printed in 3D by the school’s teaching staff. The event is expected to be attended by the vice-rector of the Ferrol Campus and Social Responsibility, Ana Ares, and the director of the Industrial Campus of the University of A Coruña, Marcos Míguez, as well as the management team and teaching staff of this school on the Ferrol campus.

Throughout the day, the Escola Universitaria de Deseño Industrial (EUDI) will recognise students Adriana Loureda García (horse riding), Lara Rial García (rhythmic gymnastics), Daniela Sevillano Fernández (longboard and judo), Miguel Nistal Brage (canoeing and football), Silvia López Freiría (rhythmic gymnastics) for their achievements, Vícto Minambres López (basketball), Noela Mato López (illustration and karate), Araiz Bastos Pereira (music), Iria Otero Vazquez (athletics), Lorena Fernández Rodríguez (short story), Javier Pontón Rodríguez (swimming), Adela Ríos Gómez (popular science) and Irene Rodríguez Ríos (Galician dance).

In addition, during the event, the management of the centre and its teaching staff will also recognise the work carried out for the profession of two former students of the University School of Industrial Design (EUDI), Luis Miguel Paz Senra and Marta María Álvarez Crespo, after obtaining several awards at different stages of their university education.